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на 18 сеп 2016

Моля помогнете ми много е важнооооо

1)      For a named developing country, explain its population structure. You may draw a diagram to help your answer. (4)

2)      Identify one major inequality in development. Discuss the causes and effects of this inequality on a developing country. (6+3 SPaG)

3)      Nearly 10% of the world population still do not have access to safe water. Is this a cause or consequence of inequality? Explain your answer. (3)

4)      Describe how dependency theory explains why the world is divided into developed, emerging and developing countries. (3)

5)      Explain why international migration may be a major consequence of global inequality. (2)

6)      Identify two statements below that describe Rostow’s modernisation theory of development. (2)

a.       It is based on four main stages of economic development.

b.      The UK was at stage two in the 1940’s.

c.       It shows how a country’s economy changes over time.

d.      It includes a detailed explanation of how development happens.

e.       The theory was based on European capitalist countries.

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