Моля ви преведете ми текста на български език - домашна работа по английски за ученици от Смядово в pomagalo.com

на 12 фев 2013

Моля ви преведете ми текста на български език

Домашни работи за Do you eat insects? These s a new restaurant in London called Edible It sells unusual food from around the world Pasta with scorpions worms chocolate covered scorpions you can buy them all in the restaurant Actually this is not a mad idea People in some countries eat insects They can taste good and they have a lot of protein They are also healthier than the fast foot we eat There is 72 protein in a worm and only 1 fat Some burgers have 12 protein and 14 fat Today s food has often got a lot of sugar in it Cereals white bread and chocolate have got high levels of sugar Drinks have got even more A can of cola 330ml contains 39g of sugar Each teenager in Britain drinks 190 litres of fizzy drinks a year That s about 23kg of sugar or twenty three bags It s no surprise that we are getting fat.

домашна по Английски за Ученици в 5 клас в СОУ "Св. Св. Кирил и Методий", Смядово


Тук ще видите примерни търсения. Натиснете на желаното от вас за да го използвате.