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на 10 фев 2013

Кратко домашно по английски език

Трябва ми домашно за 9-клас трябва да се състави един текст ето задачата.

2.Now complete the story with these linking words. Use Writing Help 2 (Linking), page 155 to help you.

first, in the end, later, meanwhile, suddenly, then, when, while

A story for a Magazine

Write a story about a rescue. Follow the stages below and use Writting Help 2, page 155.

Stage 1 Decide what you were doing before the action started.

Example: One Friday evening, I was walking home from school.

Stage 2 Write the main events in sequence, like this:

walking home --> hear scream --> see woman --> run in house

Stage 3 Write your story in three paragraphs.

set the scene , develop the narrative , finish with a conclusion

Stage 4

Check your story.

домашна по Английски за Студенти в 3 курс в Икономически университет, Варна


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